The routine


Today, I am going to present yet another of my microfics. You can find the link to some of my previous fics right below:-

Coming full circle

Divine Judgement

And.. Here we go!

The routine

Crossroads on a suburban street. Zebra crossing a street. Routine Life

Standing at crossroads, I was staring at a signboard guiding the tourists, the irony of the lack of one for the crossroad at which my life now stood striking me as it had never before.

The day had seemed like any other as I had strolled down the street thinking about nothing in particular, an activity which had been a part of my routine since time immemorial.

Well… just because it was routine didn’t necessarily mean that I despised it. Quite the contrary, in fact. For I had grown quite fond of those long and rather lonely walks.

Why, you ask?

Maybe because they offered me the solitude. The time and space to think. The illusion that my life had paused, atleast for a while. Until

Until it all ended, rather abruptly, when I reached home.

Word Count: 135


  1. Wow! We share a similar routine! Like when I come home from school, on the way to my building, I think of everything and nothing. I don’t know, it’s weird but I enjoy the walk. And nah, I haven’t ever been at the “crossroads” yet. And after reading posts like these, I get sort of scared of ever reaching that place in my life. Scared and curious.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Well, this walk is actually an intended hour long walk I take everyday in order to freshen up and also as a form of exercise… Yeah, I enjoy the walk too!

      And this post is something that struck me Right in the middle of one of my such walks! Although, even I haven’t been at a crossroad as final as the one of our protagonist…

      Yup. Life’s scary sis. But it’s also enjoyable! 😁✌️

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