Alright! Alright!

I’ll admit to my wrongdoing before you even say it! 😅

I’m really sorry for bombarding you guys with a series of reblogs, but the truth is that I had been rather busy the past month and hence couldn’t find the time to actually write a post. So I chose to reblog a few ol’ articles to keep the site running.

Lame, right?

On the bright side, however, I am finally back with an ‘original’ post after more than a month! Although it’s just an ultra short thought/musing…. but I hope you do like it.

Am all ears for feedback! 😊


Inspirational and motivational quote on life, idiopathic cause

P.S. Do check out my page on ‘quotes’ for more such short yet (hopefully) sweet content!

Until next (cough ‘original’ cough) time! ✌️


    • Hi Asmi! Thank you so much for your feedback! 😁

      Yeah, I agree that the rest of my posts are way too long 😅 Yet, I being a creature of habit am yet to figure a way to write smaller blog posts…

      I am pleased to know that you are enthused to read my posts in Marathi. Are you Marathi too by any chance?

      Will surely read and comment on your blog posts too! 😊


      • a Mumbaikar Maharashtraian 👍
        Am an English language trainer too.. used to read a lot of marathi in college..pu pu.. now rarely get my hands on marathi literature.. hence was pleasantly surprised to see you article in a mesh of angrezi blogs 🙂

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        • Oh. I see. Good to know that indeed!

          मग तर तुम्ही माझी कथा आवर्जुन वाचा आणि मला नक्की कळवा तुम्हाला कशी वाटते ते. मी तुमच्या प्रतिक्रियेची वाट पाहीन. पू ला अथवा व पुंच्या एवढा उच्च दर्जा माझ्या लिखाणात नक्कीच नाही पण एका सामान्य लेखकाची तरी सर लेखात आली असावी एवढीच काय ती अपेक्षा! 😅

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