The movie called life: Unabridged

Note:- This post is a direct continuation of my previous update. So if you haven’t, I’d advise you to read it before continuing to read this.

The movie called….. Life

Welcome back, everyone!

I hope you have had enough time to snack and mull over, because the intermission is up. And I am now expecting your fullest attention.

(Or as much as you can give, atleast)

So…. Have you figured it out?

Why shouldn’t we go after making our lives like a movie?

If I remember correctly, I had hinted you folks that it had something to do with… ‘a couple of hours’.

(Which, BTW, if you bozos didn’t realize is about the average run time of a movie. Give or take.)

I’m positive that you must have reached to atleast some conclusion of your own. But if not, then don’t worry. For we’ll now be going through a few ‘concepts’ to make better sense of it all.

1. The big picture

Our galaxy
The milky way

Take a look at the statement below and see whether it sounds familiar to you.

Dude! You aren’t looking at the bigger picture!

I’m pretty sure that it does. And if it doesn’t then it would mean that you have made either very right or very wrong decisions in your lives. Hats off, either way.

But what does it mean?

The big picture is a term used to denote the situation as a whole.

Very often, people tell us that we should broaden our perspectives and look at the situation as a projectile curve, as a single entity, rather than in the direction it is currently heading.

(BTW, a projectile constantly changes it’s direction. Hence the example.)

I am not here to debate whether or how much broad minded a person should be. Basically, this term is just a gateway to our next ‘concept’, which is actually the crux of what I have in mind.

Whenever we use the term, ‘big picture’, we inadvertently mean that there’s definitely something smaller than it. Something with which it is made up of.

And what is that?

Well… I’m not sure whether there’s any specific term for it, but I’m going with the ones I have written below, simply because they blend well with the rest of my post.

2. The smaller pictures/ Pixels

Galaxy as a puzzle

I guess you might have realised that this is an exact replica of the image above this, the only difference being that now it has been broken down into a jigsaw puzzle. Into smaller pieces.

And as far as the term ‘pixels’ is concerned, I’m positive that you must be familiar with it, what with digital gadgets now practically a detachable (and replaceable) part of our bodies.

Ever wondered what it exactly means?

(Warning:- Another definition coming right at yah!)

A pixel is a minute area of illumination on a display screen, one of many from which an image is composed.

Thousands, or sometimes even millions of these pixels illuminate together so as to give rise to a single image. In the same way as in the above image where in millions of stars have been clustered to help us visualise the galaxy as a whole.

They are the ones which make the galaxy what it is. A galaxy.

(We could certainly jump into the composition of stars and delve into the smallest subatomic particles but I think we’d run out of time. Maybe next time)

This, my friends, is exactly where we return to our discussion in my previous post.

Back when I said that our lives can be like a movie, I was actually talking about this. The big picture. Our lives as a whole.

But the truth is that our life is not a single entity. It’s not just a story. It’s in fact, made up of millions of those micro interactions you make every single day. Be it with your mother, your neighbour or some inanimate object even. To put into better words, your life is made up of pixels of too.

Life isn’t all about that ‘big picture’. In fact it hardly ever is. Rather, more often than not you’ll find that it’s about those smaller pictures which we seldom appreciate.

But should that mean that we should only look at the smaller images?

Yeah, let’s just focus purely on the small pictures, shooting life one frame at a time and the big picture, our movie will materialize anyways!

Wrong again.

Those who have read my previous posts namely Perception and Equilibrium would know that I usually don’t have a one sided argument. Rather, it’s a debate between the two. A balance.

The bigger picture does exist for a reason.

A reason which can perhaps be better seen than read, by taking a look at the image below you.

Glitch in a TV

Have you ever had one of those big, old fashioned TV sets?

If yes, then surely you must be familiar with this image. This was what appeared when the TV wasn’t receiving a right signal or had something wrong with it.

It also is in fact how our life would be without the bigger picture.

If everything in our lives were seen as a pixel, then sure, life would be colorful. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it would be meaningful.

Without a bigger picture, all that we’ll get is those random colours, scattered on the screen, without any sequence or processing. Or in the sense of a movie, it would be like having multiple, haphazard shots arbitrarily arranged, making absolutely no sense.

And this brings us to the final concept of the day…..technicolour.

3. Technicolour


(Yeah, you got that right. Definition time!)

Technicolour is a process of colour cinematography using synchronized monochrome films, each of a different colour, to produce a colour print.

You see, by itself, the colours don’t stand for anything. They don’t mean anything. They have to be brought together. They have to be processed and synchronised such that in the end they give rise to that one big image.

The role played by the process of technicolour in cinematography is the very same that is played by the big picture in our lives.

The big picture exists so as to make sense of all those teeny-tiny pixels or frames which we click and save in our hearts every moment of our being. In short, it is what gives our lives ‘meaning’. So, one should definitely believe in it.

But one shouldn’t ‘live’ in it. For that’s really not what we have come here for.

Life is a journey. And a journey without a destination is pretty much pointless. However, if the only thing we do is to head towards our destination, then we tend to forget that it’s a process. And end up being overwhelmed by the magnitude of the ‘big picture’.

This whole time we were comparing life with a movie. So let me tell you this.

Any good movie always tends to go at a certain pace. Slowly developing the characters, their backgrounds as they prepare themselves for the challenge up ahead of them. Now, would it be a good movie if it did not have those initial, mundane shots? Or had only the climax, without anything else? Or even worse, simply random scenes?

Sure, life can be interesting. Sure, it can be a movie. But don’t go after making it one. Because then you might miss all those small things collectively called…


I would like to sum up our discussion here with a quote from a witty old creature which lit a ray of hope in our protagonist, Po as he struggled with a sudden change in his identity from an ordinary noodle server to the legendary dragon warrior. It was a struggle which made his life a movie.

Master Oogway addressing Po

(Yes, animated movies are called movies too, you know.)

Quit, don’t quit. Noodles, don’t noodles. You are too concerned with what was and what will be. There’s a saying. Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift. That is why it’s called as ‘The present’.

In the end, it’s important for us to remember that a movie accounts for just a couple of hours. An amount much, much smaller than your life. Don’t forget that, after all,

It’s (just) a movie, for God’s sake!

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  1. rachelsteve2005 says:

    I must say I’m awespired by the way the debate headed this time! And although the conclusion was a concept that I did see coming, you wrapped it up perfectly. Loved this post!
    And yeah, who wouldn’t forget Po!!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. The Pensieve says:

      Thank you! (Yet again…. 😅) I really do owe credit to readers like you who always inspire me to continue writing.

      Hey, have you got any suggestions for a post? Like something which you would like to read about from me? I’d love to hear it.

      (Although like I mentioned, you might have to wait quite a while before I actually post it…)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. rachelsteve2005 says:

        Well…since I’m not having any great ideas about my next post, I don’t think I have any ideas for you either( I think I’m experiencing writer’s block but I’d like to think not)…If I do get any great ideas, I’d surely suggest it. And don ‘t worry, I’d wait for your next post whenever it comes!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. The Pensieve says:

          Writer’s block, huh? Yeah, that’s really an occupational hazard. But trust me that when you do get through it, things will indeed appear brighter than before….

          Wish you all the best! ✌️

          Liked by 1 person

          1. rachelsteve2005 says:

            Yeah, I hope so. And thank you!

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  2. A big picture made up of millions of small pixels arranged in a meaningful way make up the life! Awesome it was! ✌ And yeah! Nice definitions 😉

    Liked by 3 people

    1. The Pensieve says:

      😅 Definitions scare us all… But then that’s how we build on… I’m glad you liked them. ✌️

      Thanks a bunch, again! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure! And it’s fun to dive into your Pensieve!😉✌


  3. akam says:

    I just opened your blog and found some wonderful pearls, life surely is not about the bigger entity, a small shining pixel is a life in itself, the backward design method ,from whole to the part teaches us the beautiful gist of life, it’s a journey where any post can enlighten, yours just did it. When you get time to read different areas do visit my deliberations too.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Akam!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my blog! And sure, I will be visiting your blog real soon.

      I am indeed glad to hear that you understood the gist of my blog posts really well.

      Stay safe and stay tuned! 😊

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  4. Lahoucine Elassry says:

    Thank you

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  5. Lahoucine Elassry says:

    Wonderful Pearl’s in your blog.

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    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words, Lahoucine! 😊


      1. Lahoucine Elassry says:

        It’s my pleasure

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  6. Lahoucine Elassry says:

    Thank you very much Dr S.

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  7. Lahoucine Elassry says:

    Thank you very much Dr Soumitra

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  8. Lahoucine Elassry says:

    The movie called…life. It’s so interesting

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you again, Mr.Lahoucine!

      Stay safe and stay tuned! 😊✌️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lahoucine Elassry says:

        Stay safe a tuned,too Dr Soumitra Patil

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  9. Lahoucine Elassry says:

    Your an experiencing writer’sbloc.

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  10. Lahoucine Elassry says:

    The post is perfect.

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  11. Harbans says:

    Wonderful write-up.😊😊

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    1. Thank you Harbans! 😊

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      1. Harbans says:

        My pleasure ma’am.😊


  12. Images you used in your blogs makes blog more interesting

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      1. My Pleasure 🙂
        I am your new follower you may also support me by following

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