Chicken Sprouts

Hey everyone!

Well… I’m pretty sure that you guys were a little confused by the title and must have thought,

Since when did this guy start posting recipes?

Don’t worry. I haven’t turned this site into a cookbook.

(Not yet, atleast.)

Actually, this post is going to be an introspective/ interactive one. Yes, they are back! After a really long time!

(So you’d better pay attention.)

But then why the hell have I given it the name of a famous recipe?

Because that’s exactly what we are going to discuss today. The only difference is that our topic is going to be…

Chicken And Sprouts.

And not ‘Chicken Sprouts’.

Get it?


Then let me help you by starting off with today’s agenda… 😅

(Note:- Before we begin, I would request you to note that whatever I have written from here on are simply my thoughts and beliefs. I truly respect all the religions and have absolutely no intention of hurting anyone’s sentiments through my words.)

Chicken (and) Sprouts

Chicken Sprouts
Chicken Sprouts

To be honest, this post has been in the back burner since the past…

Wait for it…

6 years.

Yeah, that’s right. 6 years. About 4 years before I actually started blogging.

Then why didn’t I do something about it?

It’s simple, really.

Because it never really seemed to gather enough steam.

(Yeah, you can roll your eyes all you want at me. Let’s face it. Even I have done it to myself at times.)

Anyways, my stupendous incompetency aside, the point is that at it all began 6 years ago, of all places, in a biology lecture.

Our professor, who has always had an ear for humour had asked us as to who we believed were better people.

Vegetarians? Or non-vegetarians?

At first, we were amused. For though most of us believed that it really didn’t make a difference, it was obvious that if we were made to choose between the two then almost every one would go with the former.

And that’s what we did.

Our professor’s counterargument though, completely took us aback and made us look at things with a different perspective.

What was it?

Before we get there, let’s go through a brief summary of this well known controversy, starting with the side that has been heard loud and clear since ages.

A. The Sprouts

A bowl of mixed sprouts
A bowl of mixed sprouts

Philosophically speaking, vegetarians are believed to be better people than non-vegetarians because of their ‘humanitarian’ approach of not sacrificing a living creature. It’s also said that they are the ones who are more in control of their desires for they restrict themselves from consuming a whole variety of foodstuff simply based on this ground.

(Attention:- I am aware that there are a few people who don’t consume meat solely because they don’t like it/are allergic to it/it’s costlier. But this post is solely about the majority and their outlook. So… sorry folks! You guys get no representation here.😅)

Well… let’s face it. It ain’t them who are responsible for raising and killing millions of animals for slaughter. So that should really make them a ‘better person’.


If only it were that simple, then why would I be writing this post? After all debating is all that I do!

B. The Chicken

Roasted Chicken
Roasted Chicken

Non-vegetarians, on the other hand don’t really believe that simply restricting yourself to vegetables makes you a better person. Because even vegetables bear life as well! Let’s face it, these ideas and morals were all true for our ancestors who truly believed that plants weren’t actually ‘living things’. But now, science has proved that life exists in them too.

Does it matter if they can’t express their emotions?

And even if we assume that it’s because they don’t have any, they are still ‘living’ aren’t they? Poor things who can’t even run away when they get the axe.

I mean, doesn’t that make the act even more lowly? Killing the helpless?

Oops. The debate just got even more interesting

So what now?

C. Chicken Vs Sprouts

Chicken Sprouts

Now, it’s time to listen to what my professor had to say on this. He addressed the debate in a very scientific manner or so to say.

Here are his words:-

“Let us consider these two families. Family A is having a bowl of Chicken curry while Family B is having a bowl of sprouts. In order to prepare the curry, Family A has sacrificed a single, adult chicken, killing it in one fluid motion and relishing a complete meal. On the other hand, Family B has firstly soaked the seeds, thereby awakening the embryos from their hibernation. Then, they have ruthlessly massacred the ‘babies’ by boiling them in water. To top it all, hundreds of such lives were lost to fulfill the appetite of a single person. Let alone a family. Now tell me. Who are more human? Vegetarians? Or non-vegetarians?”

Though he had intended it to be a humorous statement more than anything else, philosophically speaking he was spot on.

Have you guys ever thought about it?

We have to sacrifice thousands of beans or grains to make ourselves atleast a single serving of ‘vegetarian’ food. And whom are we sacrificing?

Not the full grown, nope.

It’s those tiny little things, the embryos or foetuses of these vegetables. Now, do we kill the foetuses of ‘animals’?

Of course not!

Even the eggs that we eat these days are mostly unfertilised. Meaning that they can’t give rise to life anyways!

So, if you think about it, we are only left with fruits, a limited variety of raw vegetables, unfertilised eggs and dairy. That too provided if we were to plant all the seeds that we got.

Then and only then are we truly ‘human’.

Okay, so that’s what we do from now on… Right?

Errmm… maybe in the 1800s. But certainly not now. Because, actually, you can’t eat anything at all if you truly aspire not to kill any living creature.

What do I mean?

D. The conclusion

Have a look at the image below

Micro organisms, rod shaped bacteria on electron microscopy

Look familiar?

These miniscule organisms are the ones which are present on absolutely any place on this planet that you can think of. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat, then be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian is always contaminated by atleast a little amount of these pesky things. And by little I am talking about hundreds of thousands here. Maybe even millions.

So, theoretically speaking, you stopped being a ‘vegetarian’ the moment you killed your first bacteria which could have been anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours depending upon the aseptic precautions taken during your birth.

Crudely said, you were never a vegetarian to begin with, making this debate just that much more useless.

That being said, the next obvious question is

Then why the hell did you entertain us for so long?

To prove exactly this.

That there is no point in this debate.

Religious outlooks aside, the point is that we are all living creatures ourselves. And by definition, we need sustenance. Then be it through vegetables or meat, what difference does it really make?

Well, atleast it shouldn’t set us apart as either good or bad!

Hence the title, chicken sprouts.

For, even as omnivores, how could we be so ‘meat headed’ to forget that the very chicken which we eat has sustained, after all, on those very grains which we consume as sprouts?

After all, there’s a reason why we call it…

The Circle of Life

The circle of life philosophy
The Circle of Life


  1. You comments are comical, a circle of Reasoning. It is evolutionary in its approaches there is a beginning and a end to Chicken and Sprouts. It is humorous, I see your point, very good play of thoughts and images.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. I love it. Out of the box thinking. I have no problem with anyone eating whatever they prefer. Vegetarians and vegans invest too much into maintaining the label. It can feel pretentious or preachy at times. I know there are plenty out there who do it for ethical or health reasons but I think there are many who are just looking for a group to fit in with, to feel special or something.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Don’t forget the insects, the birds and mice etc killed by threshing machines. You can’t harvest a wheat field without killing “something” Pesticides kill an insurmountable amount of creatures. Both directly and indirectly. Go organic you say? Good for the wealthy, not possible for many people even in developed countries.

    Good article.

    Liked by 5 people

  4. Hey! Loved the humor here!
    The idea never “gathered enough steam”!😂😂
    I never anticipated the part about microbes! Taking that into consideration, I’m a ruthless murderer on the loose. And I totally agree with what your professor said. It just doesn’t make sense that people get all judgemental about eating one chicken and blatently ignore the fact that they eat so many plant parts all the time.
    Really enjoyed reading this!

    Liked by 3 people

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