Today, it’s time for yet another of my ‘Just a Quote’ posts! You can find the link to my previous quotes right below!

Fair deal


In the moment

Happy mulling! 😅

Stay tuned and (more importantly)…

Stay safe! 😊


  1. Can I think: What if? To compare different coarse of action in future possibilities. Different kind of what if.
    I agree it is pointless looking back unless you actually learn from the experience.
    Keep your ‘just a quote’ coming, they make me think.
    Thank you.

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    • Yeah, you certainly can! But doesn’t that actually come under ‘what can’? 😅 What can is nothing but the future of what if….

      Regardless, moral is that we should never procrastinate for too long!

      Thank you so much for the feedback James! I’ll definitely try to come up with more of such quotes. It’s readers like you who make me think more as well! 😁

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  2. One time, I was driving my family on a long trip and we came to a long section of road with a chance to pass a truck which had been very slow. So, I pulled out to pass the truck. And the road began to go downhill. I accelerated but so did the truck. Then, I saw that the road narrowed ahead. I calculated that I could not safely put the breaks on fast enough to let the truck go by me completely so I accelerated still more and *barely* got out in front in time. No-one got killed or even hurt. A fatal accident did not happen. But I still think it has been worth it for me to think about the *possible* consequences.

    One mistake: it never occurred to me, that a truck would simply continue to accelerate and wipe out my family for no reason.

    A less dramatic example. I’m playing tennis singles and I hit a shot deep to my opponent’s backhand corner. I come in. When he hits, I’m still moving…off balance. He hits his shot into the net and I win the point. But I realize that I made a mistake. I came in too far, too fast, and without balance. He could have lobbed me or passed me. He didn’t. But it’s still worth noting that I made a mistake.

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    • Yeah. It is. Very true indeed. We should always learn from the past. But we shouldn’t dwell on it. That is my point.

      I am referring to the stagnating procrastination we all go through while making a decision. What if this had happenef? What if that had happened?

      Why should we torment ourselves with such negative questions?

      What’s done is done. There’s no point crying over spilled milk.

      We should always look towards the future and keep our past as a lesson. Like next time, you’ll remember to be more careful while overtaking a truck. Or you won’t make the same mistake in Tennis. Because you’ll think “What can…”

      Don’t think “What if the truck had squished me?” That’s a what if.

      Instead, think “What can happen the next time I do such a risky overtake? I need to be more careful from now on.”

      That, my friend, is the difference.

      Hope you understood. And thank you so much for your feedback! Feel free to pester me further if you have any queries! ✌️


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