Black or White?

Hey everyone!

Welcome to yet another ramble! It’s one with which I am sure we all can relate to.

Do read and let me know!

Fifty shades of grey. life in black and white Quotes and rants


  1. simplicity itself would become boring. I prefer to see the world as a mixture of many colors, some bright, some compelling, some grotesque. but the large variety of colors allows for an almost infinite amount of creation and compelling stories. great post !

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    • Errm… Agreed. The world should indeed be colorful. But that wasn’t really my point 😅

      I was actually referring to the mixed intentions and motives that people usually have behind their actions. Like people are never truly good nor are they completely evil. It’s always a mix.

      Life isn’t a fairytale where everything is sorted into these 2 categories. And I wish it was. Secretly, I guess we all do. That’s what the post is about…

      And hey, thank you so much for your kind feedback! Really appreciate it! 😊✌️

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    • Hmm… That’s true indeed! Although I was talking more on the lines of human nature 😅 Like how people are never really good or evil. Everyone has an angel as well as a devil inside them.

      Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback! 😊

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  2. Trillion shades of grey actually!
    And it becomes the most annoying thing. We never seem to know which shade of grey exists behind the black and white mask.
    Great and deep insight expressed in few words 👍👍

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  3. Black and White is just not life. Life by its very nature trees off in a million dimensions. It’s a dance. You don’t want to be stuck choosing to be in one spot or another spot. It’s a song. You certainly don’t want it to endlessly mutate between C and G. It’s a work of art … and every one is different. Yeah, it’s better to make a correct decision, though we seldom really know what that is other than to spread love rather than hate in the world. But the decision is secondary to the experience. It’s the dance. It’s the song. It’s the doing.


  4. I really like your blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and a very interesting blog. Fascinating and beautiful. I will come back to visit you. Do not hesitate to visit my universe. See you soon 🙂


    • 😅 I guess. No, I don’t think life would be meaningless if everything were either black or white. Why would it?

      After all, angels and demons didn’t lead a meaningless life.

      It’s just us humans who are always a bit of both at one point or the other

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      • I like mystery games where one has to figure which is your enemy and which is your friend. Or it may turn out you yourself are the beast. This process of figuring out is a good exercise for this complex brain.
        If I was demon then it would be like playing contra. Just killing everything you see. That would be a truly meaningless life. Or even if I was an angel who would protect just anyone but not himself, that is no different either.

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        • I guess in the end it all depends on the person. I however really cannot withstand those two faced bastards who are sometimes good to us and backstab us on the other. I have little patience for such people too. 😅

          Maybe that’s why I find the fairy tale of good and evil lucrative. Everything is sorted. And you know the people whom to stay away from and whom to admire.

          Unlike today, where, like you said almost every time you end up procrastinating over who is your friend and who your enemy. Because many a times they are a bit of both.

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  5. Haha. Yes, those mongrel backstabbers.
    I now see what was your post alluding to, characters like miss Bennett in pride and prejudice. Talking about which, I am sure she was an important character. Elizabeth was able to see through her deception, which made me like her even more.

    If you did not get that reference, what I mean is, you can appreciate your intelligence more when you can see through deception of those backstabbers. It is such a fun to teach such two faced people a lesson.

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    • Yeah, I completely agree with that. However that is not what I am referring to over here. People definitely need to be colourful. Nobody really would like to live in a bland world.

      What I am trying to say is a reference to those nasty backstabbers and double edged people. A bad side to the people whom we know. The devil inside the angel.

      That is what I’d rather not live with. I prefer people who have clear boundaries and intentions😅

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  6. This reminded me of “Mahabharata” Almost all the characters in that epic are grey! Even “Lord Krishna” himself advised Arjun to kill “Karna” when he wasn’t on his chariot. He did this to re-establish ‘dharma’ but still… I hope you know the story! Do you?
    And today, we’re all grey dots walking on this planet searching for a shade of white when we know how to even lighten ourselves and become ‘shweta’!

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