The Mirage


Warning:- The post which I am about to share with you guys today HAS to be the darkest post that I have ever written and/or published on this blog. Not even ‘one of the’. Readers are strictly adviced to read this post at their own discretion and are requested not to derive ideas based on this post alone. For this post only reflects a cry of desperation from the deepest recesses of a tortured soul.

The mirage

A lit candle in a dark background. Middle of the night. Hope in life

The first time someone says that everything will be alright, one tends to believe them wholeheartedly, their face brightening with a wide smile.

When they say the same the second time, and yet nothing seems to change, one still tends to believe them, only that this time, it’s more out of desperation than anything else.

The third time, instead of believing, one feels like hurting them instead…. For being shown a mirage when they rightly knew there had been nothing all along.

And after that, you ask?

Does one want to hurt them? End them even?


After that, one simply wants to end it all. To end themselves for believing in someone who brought them and had them tethered to the very brink of their existence, only to hear them whisper…

“Everything will be alright”

To all those ruthless optimists out there.


  1. A powerful insight out of this darkness is to never get deceived from a mirage/illusion a third time.
    Time to reality check!
    Appreciate your write up.
    If we always write happy, optimistic stories.. then that is an illusion in itself.
    Life is full of negativities as well and that is very normal too.
    This time too will pass.

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    • Yeah, exactly!

      Though honestly speaking, uzma, sometimes we are so caught up in a situation and so desperate for a way out that we often let ourselves taken advantage of by these mirages. And, truly speaking, who can blame us?

      It’s the people who create these mirages that need to understand what really can happen when things go south.

      Because it’s reality. Everything can’t be alright here. Things do go south.

      Yeah, this too shall pass is a much better message. A beacon rather than a mirage.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here, uzma! 😊

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  2. I read this through the filter of just having researched my latest post on gun violence. 2/3 of these fatalities are due to suicides—and only 5% of suicides are lethal if guns aren’t involved. That’s because most suicide attempts are cries for help or temporary impulses..

    You did give your warning, and I certainly understand the offensive nature of phony optimism when one is down, but still I worry about souls who may read your post as the final push. I trust you’re not one of them!

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    • Oh my…. I really didn’t know that 2/3 of the gun violence is suicidal! That’s something we as a society really need to work on….

      Yeah, I worry about them too. That’s why I did put up a warning. And I sincerely hope it’s enough. If you’d prefer I might add or remove something to make it less dark though. I mean, I don’t want it to be anybody’s final push!

      Me…. 😅 Yeah. I had been shown a mirage. For almost 2 years…. And yes, I almost lost it. And that’s how this post was born… But I never really considered ‘that’ option seriously enough. And now, I am better than before anyways!

      So… Thank you so much for your concern and your kind feedback, Annie! 😊

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  3. I am never against optimism but I am always against the blind assessment of all situations as “Everything will be alright.”

    I meant optimism differently – “There is a balm for every pain,
    But the question that is main –
    Is it known to the brain ?”

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  4. Hi. I am definitely an optimist. In fact, I really don’t care if it is illusion or not, I just want to be assured that things will turn out alright. But then again, I haven’t experienced the extremes yet. When I’m stressed by tests or school or self doubt or anything, I’d rather be given false assurance than be faced with the harsh truth. Although, it depends on the situation and its level of seriousness. I think it’s a bit coward like but hey, I’m working on it.

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    • Errm… That really doesn’t turn out for the best, dear. I mean, yes, I know that there are people who simply want to be assured but I am definitely not one of them. I want answers. I’d rather know that it’s NOT gonna happen rather than wasting my precious time and energy only to find that out much later. It hurts a lot more then.

      But hey, I am an optimist too. I also hope for the best and love to work for it. This post is simply a reference to those who simply take advantage of people by showing them hope when they knew that there really wasn’t any all along.

      You’ll get what I am saying later, Rashi. You are still small to understand this. The world is so often not what it seems…

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      • I know it doesn’t always work that way.
        I guess it does hurt more when we’re disappointed. Yup, I’ve noticed that you’re more of a realist even though you are an optimist.
        But maybe the people who show hope to others, even though there isn’t any, just don’t want them to quit. I don’t know. I guess you are right. Maybe, I’ll understand better when I go through something like this. I reall don’t want to. But well, I’ll have to grow up.

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        • Yeah, I guess you will understand…

          Not wanting then to quit is one thing. But egging someone on even when you know it’s gonna be fruitless is quite another. And disastrous. That’s what I was talking about. Imagine putting in so much hardwork into something that was doomed right from the beginning. Now how would you feel when you find that out right at the very end? The amount of time and efforts that you have wasted? You might still feel like “Oh, I should go on. Just a little more. ” Like people always tell us to. Like they show in the movies.

          What they forget to tell us is that only a few actually end up at the other end. Some give up just when a little more could have indeed done it. And the remaining? Well, maybe they were digging the tunnel in the wrong direction after all…

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          • I would hate to put in efforts just to see that it was fruitless after all. But why would someone encourage you to do something futile in the first place? I mean, we only show hope to people so that they don’t lose it, right? So that they don’t give up. But why would someone encourage you to start in a direction that is futile. That’s just…mean. Huh, you are right. I wouldn’t want to be in that place and be ten times more disappointed when I see how useless my efforts were.

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          • Errm… I guess I wouldn’t have understood it at your age as well. 😅

            But the objective is pretty simple. To bring you down and yet get closer to your heart. Ever heard of something called as ‘taking advantage’?

            Anyways… I’m not really sure I should be discussing this with a 14 year old. Doesn’t really seem like a great idea 😅


  5. This piece and the conversation going on in the comments reminds me of a quote from Agatha Christie’s “The Hollow” that I thought might interest you: “‘To you it is unbearable that anyone should be hurt. But to some minds there is something more unbearable still – not to know…To the scientific mind, truth comes first. Truth, however bitter, can be accepted, and woven into a design for living.'” It may seem like people giving empty “it will be ok”s are fighting against not knowing, but I think they are actually the people for whom it is unbearable for others to be hurt. It often doesn’t occur to them that others would rather face the uncertainty with an honest appreciation, and that mirages built of encouraging platitudes might do more harm than the original problem itself.

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    • Hi! Thank you so much for your feedback!

      Wow, I had never really heard of this quote. Thanks a lot for sharing it. And you are right, it interests me a lot. And I agree. There are people who are our well-wishers who indeed say things like that simply to make us happy. But there are also those who purposefully egg us in the wrong direction. And we need to be aware of which is which.

      Regardless, I think it’s important for even empathetic people to understand the damage false hope can cause. And stray away from it. For example. “Life is full of opportunities, losing one battle doesn’t matter as long as you win the war.” Is much better a message than “Don’t give up, everything will be alright.” I mean, sometimes, it’s important to convey that “Sorry, you have lost this one.” Rather than “Keep going.” Superficially they appear the same, but their implicated meaning varies profoundly.

      Just like you or rather the quote said, truth can be woven. False hope can’t. It’ll strangle you.


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