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I’m back! And here is another poem of mine. Do let me know what you think about it in the comments below. I appreciate all sorts of feedback! 🙂

Dust lies undisturbed

Rust settles on the chest

Yet it appears perturbed

Inside, mayhem aches to rest.

Towards the trunk, she stumbles

Charmed by its antiquity

As she nears it, thunder rumbles

But she is urged forward by curiosity.

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The lock is broken

Yet the chest looks regal

The child within her has woken

Flying ahead like a seagull.

Shivers pace her veins

As her fingers trace the iron handle

Her imagination has liberated from chains

And hope is lit, bright as a candle.

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Hesitation greets her with belligerence

Overwhelmed, she fears what lies inside

Paranoia clashes with indignance

Battle compels her to choose a side.

Years of experience make her paranoid

Coerces her to expect the worst

She is afraid to fall into the void

Afraid to be consumed by thirst.

Yet the child envisions wonders hidden

Visions that perplex the sane

A dream which was forbidden

Amongst the mountains and the rain.

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Selfish as she has been

She still craves to see it all

Her eyes covered by a sheen

Curiosity has won the brawl.

As she opens the cracked lid

Two broken things make contact

This is where the Unknown hid

And yet the chest has remained intact.

As hope, we rise

As dust and shadows, we fall

Just as a baby cries

And the dead answer its call.

What did you think of this poem and what do you think was inside the chest? Let me know in the comments down below.

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  1. This was a beautiful poem. It’s right up my alley content-wise. It had very good flow except in a couple parts where the lines felt a little shaky, but overall dead on perfect! I think she found an amulet and a journal inside, the journal signifying ancestry several generations ago that link her to a line of witchcraft. Will she accept it or deny it as her parents and grandparents did?

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