The Walk


Note for newbies/my forgetful old:-Italics is the real stuff. The rest is just me. Pure and unadulterated, blah and blah…

This time, we’ll be going the other way round.

What I mean is that today my ‘creative writing’ is coming up first and my ‘uncreative ramble’ later.

(Makes sense, right? I actually should have done this for my earlier posts as well… might have spared you the agony. Anyways… Better late than never!)

The walk

Walking in a green lush park

I like taking long walks.

Why, you ask?

Maybe because they offer me the solitude. The time and space to think. The illusion that my life has paused, atleast for a while. Until…

Until it all ends, rather abruptly, when I reach home.

Word count: 43

Character count: 233 (spaces included.)

(I’m doing it solely because I guess that’s what you do when you write one of these. Right?)

The main stuff is done. Now, over to my ramblings.

As you might have guessed, I somehow ended up writing an ‘introduction’ which was roughly about a million times longer than the actual story. Hence I placed it for laters.

(Kinda like that credits part of a movie nobody is really interested in, but can choose to watch it all the same. Except that it’s shorter than the movie. MUCH shorter.)

Basically, this post was intended to address an issue about which I have been told quite a few times. That being….

Dude, your posts are wayyyy too long!

The first time someone told me this, I was like…..

Seriously?! 😐

Come on! They are not SO long! 😒

Well….that was when I got to hear this a second time, and it was from a totally different person.

So I finally checked my word count.

As it turns out, I average a 1.6K words for a single post.

I mean…. That’s not much. Right?


As I browsed through other blogs though, I came to realise that they kinda had a point. Majority posts are indeed under 500 words or so. And that got me thinking whether I should really be writing smaller posts.

But did I do anything about it?

Of course…… Not!

In my defense though:- I tried, alright?! It’s just that I find it very difficult to cut things short. Because, in general, it’s hard for me to let go of things and more often than not I end up rambling a hell lot more than what I intended to. That’s simply one of my quirks which I have been unable to get rid off. Atleast until now. Life’s pretty long you know. There’s a whole lot more that you can always do.

I’m doing it again, aren’t I?

(Yes I am. Of course I am)

Back to the point people, back to the point.

So. About this long post thing. I was just going through the archives of my blog drafts and I came across these tiny storylines. They were basically strokes of inspiration which failed to grow more than… well… strokes.

Guess what happened next?


All of a sudden, I found myself staring at a perfectly fine micro fiction.

Once I confirmed the number and strength of the words, they ended up being classified as Twitterature/dribble as their length was lesser than 280 characters/50 words.

And that’s how I’ve finally ended up presenting my first shot at a micro fiction, of which there are two more to come subsequently. Hope you guys find them intriguing!

(P.S.:- The remaining two posts won’t have my speech. So they will be truly small and will have a much higher percentage of ‘relevant’ content. Cheers! ✌️)


  1. Yeah, there is this pressure of putting up short posts because in the fast life of today’s time, people don’t have that much time. (Sigh.) You could divide your posts in half and put them up in parts, my friend.
    I loved this micro-fiction by the way!🌸

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Love what you’ve said here! 🙂 And it’s totally okay putting up longer story posts if that’s what YOU want to do. It’s true that many readers will prefer shorter posts maybe because time/attention span etc. But they’re still YOUR stories & people who like reading them will enjoy them no matter how long they are. Keep it up! Looking forward to more! 🌸

    Liked by 1 person

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