All about writing 

Howdy folks!

(If anyone’s reading this…)

Let me begin by stating the obvious… This is my first post. I joined WordPress a couple of months ago to read and follow one of my friend’s blog. His username is Jovial glutton. Needless to say his articles were beautiful and really inspired me to write some of my own. Of course, I didn’t act upon it immediately. You see, I have never been the ‘early bird catches the worm’ type. But I do believe in ‘better late than never’ so here I am, finally writing well… something!

Enough small talk. I’d better get to business huh?

All about writing

For a pen is mightier than a sword

(Note: I’m really lame when it comes to titles. So they are always painfully obvious. Just bear with me.)

My love for writing (And by writing, I mean creative writing and not the mundane answers to some goddamned theory paper…..) extends as back as my memory allows me to. From cute childish poems in the 2nd and 3rd grade (Cute= Adored by parents and elders, but making no real sense) to short stories in the 5th grade (They are called ‘fanfictions’ BTW) and finally to a novel which I have written and rewritten several times in the past 8 years each time ending up more and more unsatisfied with my work. Because, you see, I always ‘ matured’ a bit by the time I had written a few chapters, and then when I re-read…. “Aww.. this is so childish”. Puberty. Should I say anything else?

But, there is always that one fine day. The day when the Archimedes inside us shouts ‘Eureka!’

(BTW, according to current norms, that guy should be imprisoned for a few years at least. Public nudity for crying out loud! Sorry Archimedes fans!)

The day when the lighting strikes or in Newton’s case the apple falls.

(I wonder what would have happened if a coconut had fallen on his head. Guess we’ll never know!)

…..I can think of many more metaphors, but I just realised I’ve gone wayyy too off-topic.

The day was some months after watching my favourite (and first) Sitcom – FRIENDS

The FRIENDS team
The FRIENDS team

All of a sudden my dying hobby rejuvenated. For that show made me fall in love with it, with its fanfictions and finally the desire of writing one. As I slowly inched through my first story, I realised there could be more vividity and diversity in my writings.

(Just saying, alright? You guys need not be all ‘Oh look, he thinks too much of himself!’)

I’ve written a couple more after that and do intend to write more in near future. I’m attaching a few links below if you guys are interested.

(Read only if you are FRIENDS fans. Its serious stuff) 😉

From Friends to Joey

Wonderful forever

FRIENDS: The New Era

Choices and Consequences

Now, here I am finally having arrived to a decision of writing those random things that come to my mind. You can call it my ramblings or whatever but for God’s sake don’t call it a ‘Diary’. It’ll be an insult to my ‘manliness’.

In short, I hope that eventually I’ll get the ‘bigger picture’ or whatever blah it takes to someday write something I’ve always dreamed of. A long looooong story. Or may be not. May be it’ll just stay with me. I mean, I’m a little too much of an optimist to say something like ‘I’ll take it to the grave’.

Enough about just ‘me’. Now that I’ve held the spotlight on my own self for long enough, I want to generalise it. Here are some of my thoughts on writing….

(Damn it! I still made it about myself. Well, Whatever.)

There is something about writing which I love, but can’t exactly place a finger upon. Although, I did try, mind you.

Unlike your thoughts which usually become blurred and dissociated with time, writing stays with you. Unless they are too significant, that is. For me, strangely I tend to remember all the embarrassing events I’ve ever been through.

Another distinguishing feature of writing is that there are several ways to utilise a certain written article. You can edit/delete it. Burn it if it’s a hard copy. Can’t burn your brain to destroy your own thoughts, can you? Technically, you can…. But don’t try! You can read it only to yourself (taking it to the grave thingy) or share it with people both known and unknown. (Like me. But for all I know, this might still end up dying with me!)

Writing is not just a way of expressing yourself to other people, it’s also a way to express one’s own thoughts to oneself, clearing your mind. Mine is always a mess. Like the Room of Requirement where everyone hides everything.

(Harry Potter fans will get this. Others… please read/see the link, won’t you?)

It also leads to you feeling better about yourself. That is, when it’s done and you feel as though a certain burden has been lifted off your chest. In that sense, writing is liberating.

I often like to think of writing as a virtual ‘camera’. Which generates a rather blurry and splotchy image of your thoughts. The success of a real author lies in how much a reader can decipher the image.

And if you are lucky, they might decipher it just enough to understand what you were actually thinking when you wrote it down.

I think that’s enough for today. Class dismissed. Chop-chop!

(Yet again read HP)

If you have patiently read this whole thing, then I’m very grateful indeed. Do drop by any positive/negative comment you can think of.

Till next time.

(Knowing me, it might take anywhere between a few hours to infinity)


  1. Superb article! You have chosen a splendid topic to initiate your foray into WordPress. Any person with even a little inclination towards writing will whole-heartedly agree with every line in this article. It sums up the mess that is a writer’s mind accurately. How writing enables one to make peace with his own thoughts as also the pleasure and satisfaction of ‘getting something out there’ is a feeling which has been brilliantly captured in a unique way in the first-person perspective. Getting to know the details of these experiences was a source of joy. I especially loved all the thoughts within parentheses. To all readers reading this, I humbly request you to definitely click on the fanfiction links given. I guarantee you they will be worth your time as they match up to the original series itself. Keep spreading happiness!:-)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Fabulously written. Although I’ve never written anything that resembles literature or for that matter anything, if I’d been a writer I couldn’t have put it better myself! Looking forward to seeing your next blog. Best luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s absolutely brilliant, was an enjoyable read. You captured the concept in quite a fun way, making the person want to read more and more of ur thoughts, the witty comments u used now and then were charming adding to the total inginuety of your writing, can’t wait to see what u write next

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I know this is like a year old, but I just had to comment! Your parenthetical asides really made me laugh. And I enjoyed this line, “The success of a real author lies in how much a reader can decipher the image.” It’s quite thought provoking!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I feel late to the party but I’m glad I came across this because it’s such beautifully written. You’re very expressive and your humour perfectly balances the content and hooks the reader. I loved reading this and immediately hit like and follow. Can’t wait to read your other posts!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow. I am an English teacher and try to find some good English writing blogs. I am not an expert myself, because I’ m not a native speaker and live in Belgium (3 languages: Dutch, French, German) What I do know is that your way of writing attracts me and that I feel I can learn from you.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. You have a good sense of humour.
    But, one thing, though, and not to hurt or disappoint you, but… I actually did read and watch the Harry Potter series and I find it all clichéd. I mean, I’ve read better magical stuff before and after. Just saying. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! 🙂

      And regarding Harry potter…. Well, it’s a free world! Everyone has their own opinions after all! So I can definitely understand why you find it cliché. In my defense though, everything is! I mean 99% of the fantasy tales out there are pretty predictable. It’s just the journey that’s different. I like Harry potter for it’s vividity. Never said it was flawless. It is flawed. Even more so after ‘The cursed child’ which BTW was the WORST thing Rowling did. Never thought I’d actually hate any part of the HP franchise. But there you go! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Hey! I was just going through your posts when I came across this and as always, I wasn’t disappointed. Your writing and humor keep me engrossed throughout the post. 🙂
    And I also wanted to ask you if you could take a look at the two chapters of a story that I’ve uploaded on my blog…I’d really appreciate some feedback and tips as it was my first shot at writing anything other than poetry. -The first chapter
    Happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I am glad you visited my page which is how I am here. I love your style of writing and content.
    //Writing is not just a way of expressing yourself to other people, it’s also a way to express one’s own thoughts to oneself, clearing your mind.// Yeah, it has been that a lot for me. And also, yes it does lead to feeling better about yourself.
    Being a Friends show fan (I recently watched it again for the nth time) and also because I love Harry Porter, I’ve more reason to haunt your blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Shail! Thank you so much for your lovely feedback! 😊

      You are a friends fan too?! Wow, that’s great news! I have a whole novella ready for you!

      I’m a die hard HP fan too! I do hope that you read my posts named Perception, Pensieve and The Muggle Horcrux… ‘cuz they do have HP references!

      Oh yes, I do enjoy reading your blog as well!

      Happy blogging! ✌️

      Liked by 1 person

  10. //Writing is not just a way of expressing yourself to other people, it’s also a way to express one’s own thoughts to oneself, clearing your mind.//
    These lines were wonderful and inspires me to write more.
    Looking ahead for more Hp related Blogs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad I could be of help! ☺️

      Hp related? Well… I’d really like it if you would read my posts named Perception, Pensieve and the Muggle Horcrux. For they all have HP references…

      Happy blogging! ✌️

      Liked by 1 person

  11. I just want to say I am just all new to blogging and absolutely savored you’re web site. More than likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog . You absolutely have perfect stories. Thanks a bunch for sharing your blog.


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